Special Production flexROLL®

Rollenschnitte specialSpecial Production  flexROLL® special + converting

flexROLL® is a specially tailored role editing program according to your requirements. With various material grades in different thicknesses and widths. We offer expert advice to your requirements. Individual roll specifications, combinations and multi layered arrangements of materials, addition of adhesive layers, partial adhesive cover, feed in strips, grab areas and overprinting etc. (printed carton sealing tapes are currently not included).

flexROLL® special:           - Roll widths from 2 to 1,600 mm, according to available materials
                                            - Material thicknesses up to 6 mm
                                            - Quantities/Packaging units to suit
                                            - Best available deliver times
                                            - Material samples up front, on request

flexROLL® converting:     - Roll length and width as specified and as available
                                            - Internal roll diameters: 50 mm (2"), 76 mm (3") or 152 mm (6")
                                            - Divers backing papers/foils available
                                            - Size for size, overlapping and slit backings to choose from

A special service: Processing of customer supplied materials (roll width up to 1,500 mm/roll diameter up to 600 mm)

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