Among the frequently asked questions you will find answers about die cuts, labels, materials, payment and much more ...

Registration, my account

How to registrate?
In ordering process or for storing your Art.-No. for our products you will be automatically asked to register or login.

I am already Steier customer. Do I still need to register once?
Yes, even existing Steier customers we ask to register with the first purchase in the shop, to ensure that your latest shipping and billing address information are present.

I want to delete my account at steier.de, how does it work?
Please send us a short notice by Mail. Than we can delete your account.

Shipping + Charges

Where can I find informations about delivery and payment?
Please look at category Shipping and Charges.

Die cuts and labels

How many labels are supplied on a roll?
For special productions you can decide the label quanity per roll. For example, 500 or 5,000 labels per roll (we speak out recommendations). Are you not sure? By specifying the maximum outside diameter we can calculate the label quantity. However, the label quantities of articles from our stock range are not variable.

What materials are used at Steier?
We produce our tapes, die cuts and labels from the international adhesive tape program, due to your application.

My die cuts has to be made of a special material. Is that possible?
Should we not have the material on stock or possible to obtain, we try to offer an alternative material. It's also possible, in some cases, to process customer supplied materials.

Before start of production can I get pattern of my die cuts to examine?
At standard shapes, we will abstain. For special shapes and / or special materials, we show you a drawing of the stamping tool for approval, possibly also manufacture hand pattern in Jet-Cut process in advance before production.

How long does the production of die cuts / labels?
For special productions the delivery time will depend on the type of production, the machine capacity and the availability of the material and if necessary the procurement of stamping tools.


Is there a release paper which is silicone-free? We are not allowed to use silicone in our paint shop.
A mechanical release, which is absolutely free of silicone, could be used with some rubber adhesive materials. Which material qualities are possible, it is checked if necessary.

Can you measure the adhesive strength?
Standardized adhesive strength test methods according to FINAT test methods FTM are possible, such as FTM 1 peel adhesion, FTM 3 separating force testing, FTM 8 Shear strength test, etc.

Printing data and data handling

Which file types can be used for printing?
Printing data we need in PDF, EPS, AI, FH or CDR format (Application programs: Illustrator, Indesign, Freehand, CorelDraw). Data from programs such as Word, Excel, AutoCAD are not usable.

How to create data files for printing?
Please talk to your marketing department or your graphic design studio, in most cases they work with the professional programs for data preparation. If this is not possible, the data can be made by us, to the cost price: Please send us a design or sample, we create your label!

Will the printing data be checked for errors?
Each file is converted for further processing into film-ready data. If an error can be identified, we will contact you shortly..

Will my printing data be archived?
Printing data and films will be archived, they can be used for printing repeat jobs again.

Printing and Color

Can my labels be printed as sample?
An original print is not possible. Before producing we will send a proof in digital form or as a hard copy (with the supplied material samples for release). For special applications or particular high amounts a smaller sample requirement are available upon request.

Why does the color of the label does not look like on the screen?
Screen displays or prints on color printer didn't  match 100% the real printed label on the individual substrate, because it concerns to other color systems. For color specifications we try to achieve as accurate as possible..

Other questions

Can die cuts / labels are manually supported or processed automatically?
We can realize unwinding, manual and semi-automatic dispensing equipment, fully automated application solutions for die cuts or labels.

Which tolerances can die cuts comply with?
Adhesive materials are subjected by their material construction to dimensional changes by the physical laws, tolerances must be accepted. Typically access general tolerances to DIN ISO 2768 T1c. Please contact us if different tolerances are required.

I have a question that is not listed here.
This is not a problem: Please write to us via the Contact form or call us by phone: +49 (0) 4121 473 - 255 We will be glad to help you.

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